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Sea Doo Tips

To avoid expensive
electrical system damage
jump start your ski
with a running vehicle!!

Change your pump oil
every 50 hours and
you'll save money in
the long run !

Battery dying in your Trim
equipped 1995 up Sea Doo?
Disconnect your VTS unit.
If that fixes the problem
the module probably has
failed due to moisture.

Every time you have
your engine compartment
open, grab the motor and
give it a pull to make sure
your motor mounts are in
good shape. Broken mounts
can cause driveline and pipe
problems if not caught early!

Save money and time
by doing repairs yourself
instead of using a dealer!

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Getting a Water Flooded 2 Stroke Running

After being around Sea Doo PWCs and rental businesses for years, I've seen many flooded 2 strokes!
Obviously, the water has to be expelled and the ski rode promptly after you get it running again. Here's how I do it...

  • First, hook up a 12v cordless booster to the battery. If you don't have one, a battery charger will do. If you don't have a charger, connecting the battery to a car with jumper cables will also do, but don't start the car
  • Next, remove the plugs and spray them with starting fluid or carb cleaner to expel the water off the plugs.
  • Once the wires are on the grounding posts, put a rag over the head so when water is expelled from the cylinders, it doesn't spray all over you and the surrounding area.
  • Next, crank it over until a majority of the water is out before then placing your thumb over each plug hole to draw more water out. After that, squirt some premix gas into each cylinder (I use a contact solution bottle to hold it and make it easy to squirt).
  • Reinstall the plugs and wires then hold wide open while choking and cranking. It should “kick” but may not fire the first time. I usually have to repeat the whole procedure above a couple times but then it will fire and most times will run fine.
  • Once running, you really need to take it out and ride while doing spins/sharp turns to try and get all the water out of the crankcase.
  • Finally, once back at the dock and on the trailer, wash the engine compartment down thoroughly, let it dry, then spray it down with lube.

    I've never had further problems when I follow those procedures.

    One further note though... if you notice the injection oil looking milky from water in the tank, you also need to drain and clean it out as well.