Procedure for impeller removal / replacement.

Impeller removal and replacement is a fairly simple procedure. The following description assumes that the jet pump has been removed from the ski, and the cone has been removed. If the jet pump hasn't been removed, see Pump Removal. Lets get started !

Tools needed:

Parts needed:

  1. Remove rubber shaft seal from the impeller, and insert the splined impeller tool into the impeller.

  2. Place jet pump in vise, clamping by the flats in the impeller shaft. Be careful no damage is done to the round cone sealing surface.

  3. Place wrench on the impeller removal tool, and turn the impeller counterclockwise. If the impeller is too tight, you may have to use an extension on the wrench (or a breaker bar, if you are using a ratchet).

  4. Once the impeller has been removed, clean the impeller shaft threads with a wire brush.

  5. Apply a few drops of Loctite to the threads, being careful not to get any on the shaft seal. Thread on the new impeller and tighten to 70 N m (52 ft lb).

  6. Remove the impeller tool, and install a new driveshaft seal into the impeller.

  7. Proceed toJet Pump Installation.