Procedure for jet pump replacement.

Jet pump replacement is basically the opposite procedure of jet pump removal. While you have the jet pump out, I would recommend a pump oil change, if you haven't done this yet. You also should check the splines on the shaft for wear. If there is excessive wear at either end, the shaft, and mating item (either PTO or Impeller) should be replaced.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:

  1. Locate mating surfaces for pump and ski. These are sealed with a replaceable seal, or silicone in older skis. You can use the foam seal in place of silicone. This is much easier, and less messy. Remove any foam or silicone from the surface located on the ski, using a razor blade. Check the sealing surface on the pump and clean if necessary.

  2. Peel the backing off the foam seal and apply the seal to the surface on the ski, making sure it fits evenly surround the opening.

  3. Locate 2 thru-hull holes above foam seal on ski (holes where jet pump fittings pass through). If any silicone is around these, remove with razor blade. If there was silicone (newer skis don't use it), apply a bead of new silicone sealant around these 2 holes.

  4. Check the impeller for the rubber shaft seal. If not present, insert a new shaft seal into the impeller opening.

  5. Grasp pump with both hands, and insert pump slowly, ensuring any thru-hull fittings go in their respective holes. Reach into the jet pump intake and guide shaft into impeller, if necessary. Make sure that pump goes all the way in (it should basically touch the hull).

  6. Replace washers on the studs. Reach in and place flat one on first, then lock washer. Apply Loctite 242 to the studs. Replace 4 - 17mm nuts, torquing to 35 N m (26 lb ft) , using ratchet and extension.

  7. At this point, it is recommended that you rotate the engine over by hand to check for any interference in the driveline. This is accomplished by removing the PTO cover from the back of the engine (2 wing nuts hold this on), and rotating the PTO (large round steel hub). It should move freely (no binding) when rotated. If the pump doesn't rotate, or binds, you have a problem which must be resolved. If no problems found proceed to next step.

  8. Replace cooling water inlet and outlet hoses where they connect to the jet pump, using flat screwdriver. Also locate any clear hose(s) connecting to pump, and replace them. Replace any cable ties, where needed.

  9. Replace nozzle, cables, springs, and connections as required.

  10. Attach water source to flush fitting and start ski in your usual manner. Check to insure that there are no unusual sounds coming from the driveline. Also check the cooling system for any water leaks. If everything checks out, test the ski on open water.