Procedure for jet pump removal.

Jet pump removal is necessary for impeller replacement, driveline repair, or jet pump service. If the jet pump needs service, or impeller change, refer to the oil change page for nozzle and cone removal, otherwise you can remove the pump as a complete unit for driveline repair.

Tools needed:


  1. Remove cables, springs, and connections as described in the Jet Pump Oil page.

  2. Remove seat from ski, and locate cooling water inlet and outlet hoses (they are black, one has flush fitting in-line on most skis). Remove hoses where they connect to the jet pump, using flat screwdriver. Also locate clear hose(s) connecting to pump, cut any cable ties, and remove them (label them if you need to).

  3. Remove 4 - 17mm nuts, using ratchet and extension. Reach in and remove washers from the studs, if possible.

  4. Pull pump out. Sometimes the pump may be siliconed in (especially on top), so this may take some work. If the pump seems loose, but will not come out, check to insure that all thru-hull connections have been removed. NOTE - On XP Limited and HX models, make sure you have a friend reach into the intake grate and hold/push the driveshaft forward so it doesn't come out with the pump when removing the pump from the hull.