Procedure for PTO removal / replacement.

PTO removal is a fairly simple procedure. The following description assumes that the engine is in the ski, and the shaft has been removed. If the shaft hasn't been removed, see Pump Removal. Another important thing to check is the motor mounts. They must all be good (you will be putting strain on them when removing the PTO). One other point to note, is that this procedure uses a piece of rope to lock up the engine. Bombardier never mentions using this method to lock up the engine, but I have seen this method used many times without incident. If you are at all worried about crankshaft damage, refer to your shop manual for the proper procedure. Lets get started!

Tools needed:

Parts needed:


  1. Remove spark plug nearest to the PTO, and insert approx. 1' of the nylon rope into the spark plug hole. If rope doesn't go into the cylinder, rotate the engine slightly.
    NOTE - Make sure that you have the piston on the up stroke and past the exhaust port before inserting rope or you risk cutting off some rope in the exhaust. If that happens, you may have to remove the head to remove any missing rope from the exhaust manifold.

  2. Insert the splined impeller tool into the PTO. Place wrench (or ratchet) on the tool and turn the tool counterclockwise to remove. If the PTO is too tight, you may have to use an extension on the wrench (or a breaker bar, if you are using a ratchet), and you may even have to apply some heat. If you have to use any heat from a torch, be careful not to damage the rear crank oil seal.

  3. Once the PTO has been removed, clean the crankshaft threads with a wire brush.

  4. Apply a few drops of Loctite to the threads, and thread the new PTO on. Tighten to 110 N m (81 lb ft).

  5. Remove nylon rope from cylinder, and check motor mounts to insure that none were damaged during PTO repair.

  6. Install driveshaft, and jet pump. If you need pointers on this, see Jet Pump Installation.