Procedure for starter removal.

Starter removal is a fairly simple procedure. The trickiest part, is getting the pipe out of the ski.. This sometimes takes patience, and trial and error. While you have the starter out, I would recommend checking for broken motor mounts. Any broken mounts can easily be replaced while the exhaust is out.

Tools needed:


  1. Remove the positive cable from the battery, to prevent any electrical shorts.

  2. Remove black water hoses from the front of the pipe. Loosen the large clamp that attaches the pipe to the water box. Remove any small, clear hoses that attach to the pipe (mark location, if necessary).

  3. Using 13 mm ratchet or wrench, remove 1 long bolt that holds pipe to the engine (located between the pipe and the side of the ski). Next, remove 4 nuts (or bolts) that attach pipe to exhaust manifold. Remove pipe from ski.

  4. At this point, you need to remove the positive cable to the stud located on the top of the starter (10 mm nut).

  5. Remove any cooling water hoses where they connect to the block, if necessary.

  6. Locate 3 starter mounting bolts (2 long on mounting flange, 1 short passing through steel bracket), and remove, using 13 mm ratchet and appropriate extensions.

  7. Remove starter.