Procedure for Sponson Replacement.

Sponsons are not too hard to put on. It does involve removing some exhaust components to get to the nuts. This job usually takes about an hour.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:


  1. Remove the seat and look on either side in back of the ski for the cutouts in the floatation foam. This is where the sponson retaining nuts are located.

  2. If needed, remove any exhaust components that obstruct access to the retaining nuts.

  3. Using a 1/4" drive 10mm deep well socket with extension, remove the nuts. Try to recover as many nuts and washers as possible. If you lose a couple, don't worry about this. They will work their way into the bottom for later recovery.

  4. After determining that all nuts have been removed, gently pry the sponsons off. Clean any excess silicone sealant from the exterior of the hull around the sponson mounting holes.

  5. Apply some clear silicone sealant around the mounting holes. Install the new sponson, holding it in place temporarily with a piece of masking tape, if available.

  6. Now, install the washer and nut on the stud. This is the trickiest part of all on GTS/X models, due to the deep location of the studs in the flotation foam. If you have problems with this step, you can do what I do. Get some superglue and glue the nut and washer(s) together. Then I put a little silicone sealer in the socket and stick the nut/washer to it. You can then guide the whole works onto the stud. When you tighten it, the superglue breaks apart, allowing everything to tighten as it is supposed to.

  7. Reinstall any exhaust components, replacing any gaskets as needed.

  8. Test run!