Procedure for In-Line Water Strainer Installation.

Installing an in-line water strainer in the cooling system is one of the cheapest ways to prevent engine damage from sand, sea weed, etc. This procedure is simple and takes under 30 minutes.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:


  1. Remove the seat and locate the water inlet line. It will be the large black one (in most cases) coming from the jet pump to the engine, or exhaust. If you are not sure of the location, check Ingles parts diagrams for the cooling hose layout for your ski.

  2. If needed, remove any vents, hoses that interfere with gaining access to the hose.

  3. Using a knife, cut the inlet hose in a position that will allow for the best location for the filter. Choose a location that will allow good access and allow you to fasten the filter to an object with zip ties or screws. I prefer ties due to the fact that if you want to remove it quick, it is much easier. I usually fasten it to a hose or bracket.

  4. Place a clamp on each hose end (cut) and install the filter. It may be a tight fit, so use some dish washing liquid on the filter fittings if necessary. Make sure the arrow points in the direction of the engine. Tighten the clamps.

  5. Fasten the filter to an object of your choice.

  6. Reinstall any items that were removed for ease of filter installation.

  7. Hook up the water and flush in your normal manner and check for leaks.

  8. Test run !

One additional note:
Make sure you clean the filter element after each use, as well as when you know you have been in shallows or weed. When riding, be perceptive of changes in the sound of your ski. If the filter plugs, you can hear a different tone in the exhaust. Stop immediately and diagnose the problem. Most people who complain that they have had problems with filters don't listen for the problem noises. Be aware of changes in performance and you can save yourself some repairs !