Procedure for Engine Break In

Engine break in is very important for insuring that your new/rebuilt engine lasts. The following suggestions always have worked for me, but let me know if you have a way that works well for you and I may make an addition to this page. Also, this break in page assumes that the oil injection is connected and has been properly bled before firing the engine.
You may want to consult a dealer if you have any doubts about the steps I take below.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:

My Break In Procedure:
  1. I figure out approximately how many gallons of gas are in the tank. Then I add 2 oz. oil per gallon to the gas. Therefore, if you have a 10 gallon tank, you will need to add 20 oz oil to tank of gas. I try to run at least 10 gallons of oil/gas mix through the new engine during break in.

  2. Remove the plug wires and place on their grounding posts. Then choke and crank the engine for 20-30 seconds to get the fuel/oil mix flowing. While cranking, you may also want to hold the oil pump lever open to insure oil is flowing to the rotary surface.

  3. Reconnect the plug wires. Attach the flush kit properly and and fire the ski. It should smoke a bit due to the extra oil, but that's good. On initial start, be prepared to quickly shut down in case of problems/strange sounds. Don't run for more than 30 seconds. Once shut down, check for any oil/fuel leaks.

  4. Next, time for a water test. Make sure you have extra plugs and wrench for the initial ride, as you may foul a set due to the extra oil. Upon boarding, start the ski and make sure it is cooling properly by observing cooling stream(s). You should always vary the throttle when breaking in. Try not to hold at one rpm for very long. Next, take it up to half throttle to make sure it is performing properly. Avoid running at full throttle until you have went through one tank of oil/gas mix. If you hear any strange sounds or feel any unusual vibrations, shut down immediately and try to locate the source of the problem. Also, try not to venture too far from shore on break in just in case you do have troubles.