Procedure for repair of 951 exhaust water leak problem.

Most people have already found out that the pre-2000 model 951 Sea Doos have a problem with water spraying out between the exhaust manifold and pipe at high RPMs, but if you haven't, you should consider this procedure as a must do. If not corrected, water can enter the Carbs and cause engine damage. This procedure is fairly simple, requiring no specialized tools. Lets get started !

Tools needed:

Parts needed:

    Pipe Removal:

  1. Remove 13mm bolts/nuts that fasten pipe to exhaust manifold and the 13mm bolt that secures the pipe to the support bracket. Also loosen the large clamp that connects the head pipe (one that connects to manifold) to the exhaust cone.

  2. Pull head pipe away from exhaust manifold and remove. Thoroughly clean mating surfaces of head pipe and manifold with a blade or scraper removing old gasket. Try to avoid getting gasket material in ports of exhaust manifold.

  3. Coat gasket and pipe/manifold surfaces with gasket sealant and let tack for 5 minutes before assembly.

    Pipe Replacement:

  4. Install gasket onto manifold and reinstall head pipe to manifold in the reverse order that it was removed. Using Loctite 242 on the manifold bolts/nuts, torque to 25 N m (18 lb ft). Using Loctite 271, install the bolt that secures the head pipe to the support bracket and torque to 25 N m (18 lb ft). Make sure the exhaust cone and clamp are pushed onto the head pipe and tighten clamp.

  5. After about an hour (so gasket sealer can set up), attach flush kit and fire up the ski to check for leaks.

If you have questions or see something stated incorrectly, please e-mail me.